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Not so much. Many couples featured on the show usually end things as soon as they meet each other for the first time in-person. However, there are a few couples who decided to stay together anyway long after their episode ended, prompting us to wonder if any of those success stories are still together today. After all, surely there must be one couple who managed to walk down the aisle, right? Eh, maybe not. Unfortunately, Derek and Lauren never made it down the aisle, and inthe couple announced their amicable split to disappointed fans.

Check out the gallery below to see which couples are still together and which ones called it quits. They were a Catfish first — not only did neither of them lie about their name or pics, but they also got engaged after the show's taping! Unfortunately, they split in Today, Derek is now dating someone else and Lauren is keeping a low profile. When Kya first met "Alyx" on a vampire forum, they both catfished each other. However, after Kya came clean, she started to suspect that Alyx was lying about his identity, too.

When Catfish stepped in, it was revealed that Alyx was actually a transgender man named Dani. They decided to stay a couple anyway. Unfortunately, the couple split after the show's taping. Today, Kya is happily engaged to someone else and Dani has finished his transition after having gender reassignment surgery.

Probably one of the most memorable Catfish episodes of all time, Justin and Artis had an explosive fight on the show when Artis found out the hot female model he'd been talking to was actually a dude named Justin. Despite their blow up, surprisingly, according to Justin's Twitter, the two are now friends and even record YouTube videos together. Although they've been talking online for more than 10 years, Kim and Matt had never met in person.

Once Catfish showed up, the two met and it was revealed that Matt had been genuine about his identity and was simply shy about meeting in person because of his weight. After the show, the two remained best friends. Unfortunately, it never bloomed into a romance. Today, Kim and Matt are still friends and are both dating other people. Matt has also lost more than pounds since the episode aired.

These two met online and soon hit it off. However, after Felicia stood Mike up when they were supposed to meet, Mike called the show to let Nev and Max sort things out.

Although Felicia was caught making various lies about her life, her name and pictures were real, which was all Mike really cared about anyway. The two decided to stay together, but a few months after the show's taping, Felicia posted on Twitter, "People change unfortunately and sometimes you just have to cut your losses. He'll always have a part of my heart. When Rico met Ja'mari, he was surprised to learn that Ja'mari's real name was James and that he lied about being a model and was actually a bus driver.

In fact, James liked buses so much, he even had a criminal record for stealing one. After the episode, the two made plans to stay in touch, but judging by both their social media, they don't appear to be together anymore. Rico is now an aspiring model and James hasn't updated his Twitter since Leuh initially fell for Justin after meeting him on Instagram, but grew suspicious after two of their meet-up attempts failed. After meeting on Catfishthey decided to make their relationship work.During the second half of Season 7, MTV's Catfish promises to introduce a new "first" for the show with each episode.

But they kicked this series off with Leah and Mathan's Catfish story, and well, it was definitely different. Nev returned to his online detective role with beloved guest co-host Kamie Crawfordwho made multiple appearances during the first half of Season 7. They received an inquiry from Mathan, a Los Angeles-based year-old who grew close with a girl named Leah over nine years.

The usual Catfish catch was that she lived in Washington, they had never met in person, and she would intermittently ghost him for no reason at all. Still, Mathan was invested and in love. Nev and Kamie took to their investigative devices to discover that, although she seemed to be using a pseudo last name on Facebook, her identity otherwise seemed to match what she shared with Mathan.

But, it turned out that she may've been using the fake last name to bury a criminal background. After digging furter, Nev and Kamie discovered that rather than the last name of Mayer that she presented online, her surname was actually Lund. And inshe was booked into Denney Juvenile Justice Center in Washington after allegedly giving birth without medical attention while potentially under the influence of heroin. The baby was reportedly missing, according to Q13 Newsand since Octoberthere have been no additional reports of it being found.

On CatfishMathan mentioned that Leah told him about getting an abortion. It's unclear if the two stories are related, but they could be. At first, Nev got in touch with Leah and she agreed to meet Mathan in her hometown. Then, her boyfriend Mathan mentioned that they'd seen other people at points during their online relationship was reportedly released from jail, according to her Facebook page, and she went MIA again. Ultimately, the crew was unable to track her down and Mathan never met Leah in person — which is the Catfish first.

Never has Nev been so unsuccessful. In his one month follow-up call, Mathan said he had no further contact with Leah. According to his Instagram, he is a thriving model, dancer, and entrepreneur. On the show, he said he was going steady with someone, but there's no clear evidence of an S.

He did, however, just run into Vanessa Hudgens in L. According to the Snohomish County Corrections Jail Inmate Inquiry, Leah was arrested on June 7, and booked by the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office on charges of drug paraphernalia possession and driving without a valid license. She was also arrested in February for first-degree armed robbery and driving without a valid license, and again in January for paraphernalia and heroin possession.

The same Facebook profile of hers that was investigated on the show still exists and it says she's in a relationship, but the boyfriend mentioned on CatfishRainell King, wrote what appeared to be a breakup note on her wall in January that said, "I wish you the best.

Hopefully, she is doing better than she reportedly was doing while the Catfish crew tried to track her down.By October, they believed she might have delivered a baby while on heroin and without any medical attention. Deputies have not been able to obtain information that would help locate the child believed to have been born in September. Inwhen Lund was 14, a court granted a protection order prohibiting her father from having contact.

Police reports indicate he disciplined her with a belt. He later faced allegations of violating the court order for showing up at the south Everett home. Deputies received two reports of her father at the home in September In one instance, a police dog bit the man on the hip when he hid in a boarded-up carport, records show. The father was found at the home again Tuesday. He was arrested for investigation of violating the protection order.

The day before she was given a day sentence for violating probation conditions from a theft conviction. Her court-ordered supervision was extended to January. In the past, she had failed to comply with an order to get treatment for substance abuse.

In its Oct. State and federal law aims to protect newborns whose mothers might feel overwhelmed. In Washington, mothers can leave their newborns with a staff member or volunteer at any manned fire station or hospital emergency room — no questions asked.

Eric Stevick: ; stevick heraldnet. Information sought Detectives continue to look for information about the location of a baby they believe was born to year-old Leah Lund in September. Talk to us. About kids picked up computers at Frank Wagner Elementary School, as classes statewide move online. The Mill Creek-area Democrat is a state representative and will replace Terry Ryan, who stepped down.

Jim Lawless will serve as chief for the foreseeable future, pending a city council confirmation. It was brokered through Gov. Two riders on one bike crashed around p. Wednesday, near th Street Southwest. Donations also are down, making it hard for some shelters to pay the bills and keep employees.

Leah Lund on Catfish: What happened to her after the episode?

Neighbors are putting stuffed animals in windows so children can spot them during weeks out of school. But delivery services are taking precautions.

leah lund catfish instagram

Inmates set off fire extinguishers. Dozens refused commands. It was reportedly under control by 9 p. Six incarcerated men and five employees have reportedly tested positive for the virus. Police swarmed the area after gunfire erupted near the Everett Public Library at around p. Talk to us You can tell us about news and ask us about our journalism by emailing newstips heraldnet. If you have an opinion you wish to share for publication, send a letter to the editor to letters heraldnet.The typical Catfish story tends to only end one way: badly.

While a couple may occasionally overcome their initial lies in order to tentatively start a new, honest relationship, the victim of a catfish usually wants nothing more than to move on from the deception. But on this week's CatfishJustin and Leuh might make you want to believe that the too-good-to-be-true online BF is actually real.

It's all because of Leuh, who is perhaps the sweetest person to ever be duped on MTV. Now, are the chances good that Justin, the guy Leuh met and started to fall in love with exclusively through Instagram, is who he says he is? But even a Catfish veteran doesn't want to see Leuh disappointed.

Even though she fell into the same trap that has tricked countless people on previous episodes, she's still somehow relatable. With a little bit of research, the plot thickens even further. That's right, Nev isn't the only one who can wield Google. Hit me up, MTV. Leuh says she doesn't know Justin's last name, but publicly visible Facebook and Twitter profiles under the name of Justin Croom seem to match the pictures shown in the Catfish preview.

However, "Justin" wrote that he was in a relationship with a person other than Leuh as of early Since Leuh already mentioned that she hasn't added Justin on Facebook, Nev and Max's research might uncover that either Justin has a different GF in real life, or that someone has stolen Justin's pictures and used them in an Instagram account that Leuh has been talking to.

His own Instagram remains private. But maybe it's for the best that Leuh and Justin's relationship is probably doomed, since it doesn't seem particularly healthy. Leuh has been getting tattoos because she wants to make sure she's the heavily-tattooed Justin's "type. But judging by her online presence, Leuh seems to be confidently moving on in her life, with or without Justin.

She moved from Rochester, New York to California. And she recently Tweeted at Justin Croom, joking that he rarely uses the social media app, proving that even if Croom isn't the person she was talking to before, they know one another now possibly through Catfish.

But the fact that the owner of the Justin Croom profile is in contact with Leuh now leaves an oh-so-small chance that these two might actually have managed to make a relationship — romantic or otherwise — work after Catfish. The past four seasons of the show suggest that the odds aren't on their side, but something makes me want to believe.Home What's new Latest activity Authors.

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Zombie Apocalypse Catfish and Leah Lund

The Snohomish County Sheriff's Office said Monday a year-old girl who was reported missing with her infant daughter earlier this month has been found but detectives are still looking for the baby. Leah Marie Lund was found in the South Everett area. Lund, a heroin user, was believed to have given birth without medical assistance.

Catfish S.7 E.29 "Mathan & Leah"

Her infant daughter is considered endangered due to the lack of medical care. Teen who delivered baby without medical help had tough past By October, they believed she might have delivered a baby while on heroin and without any medical attention.

The Snohomish County Sheriff's Office caught up with her earlier this week, but have found no sign of the baby, believed to be a girl. Deputies have not been able to obtain information that would help locate the child believed to have been born in September. Deputies received two reports of her father at the home in September This was determined by her mentioning her father on Facebook to celebrate his birthday after his passing.

When Nev and Kamie searched for Leah Lund, they learned that she had a criminal record and had abandoned a baby after giving birth back in While Leah never showed up to meet Mathan, he could tell Nev and Kamie that he had no contact with her after the episode wrapped. He moved on and was seeing someone else. A post shared by mtvcatfish on Jun 7, at am PDT.

Throughout the episode, Lund was simply a name. She called Nev once to make plans with him to meet up but then ghosted not only Mathan but the entire production team as well.

MTV made numerous attempts to get a comment from Leah before the episode aired yesterday but was unable to. Since filming, Leah appears to have been arrested a few times. According to the Snohomish County Corrections Jail Inmate Inquiry, she was arrested just last week on drug paraphernalia possession charges and for driving without a valid license.

Back on February 19,she was booked for first-degree armed robbery and driving without a valid license. The document states that she was released on March 8, This is a Class A felony charge. In January of this year, she was arrested for paraphernalia and heroin possession.

She was released the following day. The heroin charge is a Class C felony. Opinion Recaps Reviews Interviews Explainers. View this post on Instagram. This comment form is under antispam protection. Notify of. Monsters and Critics. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Close Privacy Overview This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website.

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Necessary Necessary. This is an necessary category. Non Necessary non-necessary.Discussion in ' 's Missing ' started by losOct 1, Log in or Sign up. Messages: 4, Likes Received: 22, Trophy Points: Messages: Likes Received: 88 Trophy Points: The whole was is or wasn't she pregnant seems like such an odd discussion. It's fairly easy for a doctor to determine if a woman has given birth recently.

Leuh Catfish Instagram

So, if she wasn't pregnant and never gave birth why would the police still have been talking about trying to find the baby a month later? Not to mention, why not tell the public so that people would know there wasn't a dead baby out there somewhere. Alternatively, if there was a baby, how was she not charged with anything? Not to mention, how was the press not all over this and hounding the police for an answer?

ItsmevkbJun 18, Messages: 1, Likes Received: 7, Trophy Points: ItsmevkbJun 20, Messages: Likes Received: 1, Trophy Points: Ksprincess2Jun 20, Messages: 1 Likes Received: 0 Trophy Points: 1. Leah Miller She just is going by a different last name now and looks a little different but this is her for sure. She has the same infinity tattoo on her chest. I think she had an abortion and didn't want to admit to it let alone talk about it. So she alienated herself from her family and last they knew she was still pregnant.

Because honestly if something more sinister happened there would've been more press follow ups with authorities pleading for more info and they would have had search crews looking for the baby but after the initial report the authorities went radio silent. Which says they can't talk about it because of her privacy rights and the fact that she was a juvenile at the time. I believe IF there ever was baby something would've come from it by now. Maybe not murder but at least something like child endangerment or lying to authorities.

leah lund catfish instagram

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