Quadriplegic deviantart story

Paragirl's Place is my blog and story sharing site. I am a wheelchair fetishist and pretender who is a happily married lesbian, who happens to be a foot fetishist and also has a blindness fetish. Yeah - we're a couple of crazy girls, let me tell you! Anyway, welcome and I hope you enjoy :. Hello the idea come to me and I have other idea I had to put in only nobody want or at least nobody answered me. A new site is it is paracuties.

I saw the site, they have excelents videos! Did you bought other movies? Or just these? I'm thinking of buy other movies, but if you have some of then, maybe we can trade movies? If you're interested just give an e-mail to i can send to you an e-mail.

quadriplegic deviantart story

Now as many of my long time readers know, the last time I bought a fetish video online, from Premium Pretenders, I was terribly disappointed. It just wasnt' quite as awesome as I would have liked, I really felt kind of ripped off. It's not the 'perfect' authentic new para experience I have so often envisioned and fantasized about, but it's really close, and I think the only reason the model sometimes uses her legs though she uses them in pretty authentically crippled ways, if that makes sense is that she's asked to do things like a shower transfer that no new para in a giant body brace could realistically accomplish without assistance.

It was nice to see her struggle through it though. That's one really nice theme throughout the video that I haven't seen in many other pretender fetish videos - the struggle. This girl is really heavily braced in her full, thighs - to - chin Milwaukee brace, and she's unable to move her head or torso at all and most of the time her legs are useless as well.

She struggles to even wheel herself in the hospital rental wheelchair they have her in, and even though I usually don't like those, in this case it adds to the authenticity - in my mind, getting into the fantasy, she's so recently paralyzed that she hasn't even gotten her fancy permanant chair yet, stuggling for every movement and every inch she wheels.

It's really nice - at least for someone into that, like I am. Highlights for me include the very short too short, really opening scene that looks like a medical exam, someone pokign her feet with a medical instrument and getting no response - that got me wet immidiately, I just wish there had been a little dialog sayign something like 'I'm afraid the paralysis is complete' or some other dire diagnnosis informing her of her newly crippled condition.

There are also some nice bed-to-wheelchair transfers as well as a REALLY sexy 'putting on high heeled shoes' scene that even Heather was pretty hot over.

Stories and Tales of a Quadriplegic by Jim Ryan and Family

I guess the only things that would have mde it a full '10' rating would be a diaper she's very newly para, I think it would be appropriate, and you know me and my diapersParagirl's Place is my blog and story sharing site. I am a wheelchair fetishist and pretender who is a happily married lesbian, who happens to be a foot fetishist and also has a blindness fetish.

Yeah - we're a couple of crazy girls, let me tell you! Anyway, welcome and I hope you enjoy :. Post a Comment. The levels and depths of this world amazed and excited her. Her first and only 'kinky' sexual encounter, with her husband Derek, had left her a quadriplegic, confined to her power wheelchair for the rest of her life, but it had also awakened feelings and desires in her that she never really knew existed.

Feelings and appetites she was still trying to get used to. Melissa was her dutiful slave girl, a fact that turned Michelle on more than she cared to admit. Anything Michelle wanted, no matter how menial or degrading, Melissa would do it instantly, happily. From changing her diapers to kissing her feet to getting her a drink, Melissa would jump to it, always with a smile, always with a 'Yes Mistress'. Michelle saw websites about extreme bondage, spanking, latex, foot worship, leather, blood play, violet wands, costume play, and so many other things.

Some turned her on to a huge degree, others did not, some even bothered and disturned her. Melissa even showed her a few sites that focused on women with disabilities, something that didn't surprise her nearly as much as she thought it should, but given Dereks' confessions to her and the rather extreme route he took to make his fantasy for a helplessly disabled wife come true she supposed it was natural that he wasn't the only person with that interest.

Yes, she was a complete quadriplegic, paralyzed from her neck down and confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her life, but with Melissa, there was something more, something stirring deep within her. Melissa stopped everything and looked at her. She carefully straddled Michelle's limp legs and wheelchair, spreading her own legs wide and balancing so that she was facing Michelle, her naked breasts almost even with Michelle's mouth.

Gently, softly. Melissa complied, running her fingers through Michelle's hair, breathing heavy. Her fingers traced though Michelle's hair with purpose, tracing sensual lines over Michelle's sensitive scalp. Brushing against Michelle's ears made her heart beat quicker, made her cheeks flush.

Michelle was breathing fast now, heavy, excited, incredibly aroused. She panted half-commands to Melissa and her slave obeyed, until Michelle was on the verge of orgasm, her quadriplegic body reacting in the only ways it could to the intense erotic stimulation.

Michelle moved her head forward an inch and began to kiss and lick Melissa's breasts. Melissa moaned and shivered a bit, but continued pulling at Michelle's hair and playing with her neck and ears and face.Michelle was in the process of answering that question for herself, in the affirmative. Ever since she had reconnected with her old flame Danny a few years after the car wreck that had left her a T complete para, they had been, among many other things, exploring their sexuality and sexual responses to each other.

quadriplegic deviantart story

Danny was helping her feel good again about her body. He truly felt she was sexier now than she had ever been before her accident. Paralyzed equals sexy. So, Michelle gave herself an assignment. The Look — By the look, Michelle meant how being a paraplegic had changed the appearance of her body in ways she might not like, but that Danny genuinely found beautiful and sexy! Her thighs, lacking any muscle tone at all flattened out as she sat in her wheelchair, and they sagged on the way from her knees to her hips.

Michelle stared at the mirror. She could see how her now fit and muscular upper body could be a turn on for Danny, but not the rest of her. Of the five devotee categories Michelle had identified, The Look was going to be the toughest for her to comprehend.

Gazing into the mirror, Michelle took her hands and started fondling one of her breasts and one of her thighs at the same time, in the same way. The paralysis has essentially left me with no muscles in my legs, just soft flesh. She kept fondling her breast and thigh and was suddenly amazed, and aroused, by how similar they felt. The light was slowly dawning. I mean, what kind of man gets aroused watching the women he loves struggle?

But when they agreed to be totally open with each other on all things, he fessed up. Danny was always willing to help in any way Michelle requested, in part because it was a huge turn on for him to be needed by his paraplegic princess.

Gradually, Michelle was learning how to use her struggles as a sexual weapon, often over emphasizing how hard it was to do something, and delighting in how Danny would react. She got a warm glow deep inside as she imagined presenting herself to Danny by walking over to him slowly, using her braces and her walker. What do your paralyzed legs feel like to you as you move them around with your hands?

How strange is it not to be able to feel anything below your waist? Tell me about how hard it is to keep your balance. Etc, etc. As was often the case with devotees, Danny had some paraplegic wannabe in him. The thought excited him, but it was unrealistic, so he fueled the wannabe side of his attraction by asking Michelle to tell him her little stories about life as a paraplegic.We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from.

To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. The story of Pacthesis, her dating sims for girls, and the fans who still thank her.

Stories and Tales of a Quadriplegic by Jim Ryan and Family

For many DeviantArt lurkers in the late s and early s, the name Pacthesis brings to mind a specific image: a yellow background with a grumpy-looking coffee cup, the logo of a particular DeviantArt dating sim maker. DeviantArt dating sim maker Pacthesis joined the platform increating and uploading Flash games to the creative arts-based social network, as well as on game sites like Newgrounds and Kongregate.

Dubbed the Days Sim Date series, the Pacthesis dating sims always had playable girl main characters trying to romance three or more love interests. The mechanics were simple: Talk to characters to progress through their dialogue and reach their happy ending. The games shamelessly indulged in girlish fantasies. Through them all, the focus was always on the romance. They are always so sweet and fluffy and some scenes were so funny, that [I] was laughing so hard that my tears would come out.

It made sense that she found fans among teenage girls. At the time, Pacthesis was a teenage girl herself. Her age was something she was open about, as it was listed in her profile from the beginning. She still has around 37, DeviantArt watchers or followers. There were DeviantArt fan groups dedicated to her. People drew fan art, and not just of her characters — but of her, based on her own sketched avatar.

She engaged regularly with fans at first through journal updates on her DeviantArt and then through Tumblr posts. Her real-life friends chimed in, helping her make podcasts dubbed Pacthecasts and manage the fan groups.

Though she opened up about her age, her favorite color, and her preference for coffee, Pacthesis never revealed her full name. Keeping personal details close to the vest was common during the nascent days of social media, when signing up for a service did not require using a full name. Amy was the name on her profile, though she never divulged more than that. She kept her identity secret, which was understandable, considering she was a high school student at the height of her popularity.

Though many wanted to know more, she only revealed her face in drawings. After creating eight dating sims and two point-and-click adventure games in a two-year period, Pacthesis all but vanished from her DeviantArt and Tumblr without explanation.

Following a four-year hiatus, she published one more game on her profile — Star Days Sim Date — in She never uploaded a game again. Many fans who grew up with the Pacthesis games wonder where she went. Even on other social media, former fans reflect on their many late nights playing her games and the fun little interconnected world that they all existed in. Some lament the fact that she vanished. Others talk about how Pacthesis introduced them to the dating sim genre — and to fandom in general.

There is certainly a sizeable portion of dating sim and otome game fans who can pinpoint their love for the genre to the work of this teenage girl, who spent her high school days making the games she wanted to play. The Tumblr user behind otomesweetheart — a blog dedicated to finding, highlighting, and reviewing otome games — found her passion for visual novels through the Pacthesis games. So every year at this time, I always go back and replay my favorite Pacthesis games as sort of an anniversary tradition.

Through the years, her fans still think of the games and of the creator who had been part of their lives for so long and inspired a love of the genre. But questions linger. What happened to Pacthesis, and what is she doing now? The story of Pacthesis starts more than 10 years ago, in Krista is in bed enjoying her weekend lie in when suddenly two paramedics burst in her room claiming a terrible accident.

Johns ambulance. Get out! They approached the bed and rolled me onto my side. I could feel them counting the vertebrae in my spine, the most painful stab, and then felt a liquid entering my body. I felt a burning sensation in my spine and suddenly my lower torso went numb. I instantly knew they had paralysed me.

The paramedics seemed deaf to my cries; they continued reassuring me as if I had been in an accident or something. Any attempts to move my head would have been futile. They then pushed my bed away from the wall and one of the paramedics moved to my other side. They slid the back board under me and rolled me onto it. I could then feel the straps going across my ankles, thighs, waist, chest, and finally my forehead. Eliminating any movement I had in my neck.

I was then lifted on to the stretcher and they placed a blanket over me and strapped me in. As I was rolled out of my bedroom my family was at the door.

As I started screaming out for help, they undid the forehead strap and slipped a mask over my face. They then replaced the strap and I could smell something nice and fruity. I knew no more. My eyes fluttered open and I had no recollection of where I was or what had happened. You are probably wondering what has happened. It seems you suffered a nasty fall and have broken your T12 and your C6 vertebrae.

You will have no doubt noticed you have no feeling or sensation in your legs hips, this is because your spine was severed at the T12 area as well. You are lucky the paramedics worked so well or you would have had a cut in your C6 area as well. Suddenly I remembered what had happened and my eyes flew open. Nothing happened to me! They paralysed me! You had been walking up the stairs to your bedroom with a basket of washing, you slipped, fell backwards and the heavy basket fell right on your jaw.It was the first day of winter break and man was I relieved to get a break from school!

Me and my friends were having the best of days. We went to the mall, got brand new clothes for school, and had one of the best lunches ever at the eatery. We threw our trash away, got our bags and walked out to our car. However, while we were walking out to the car, my three friends were acting quite strange and looking at each other in a very odd manner.

When we got to the car, I opened the trunk and put my newly bought clothes in. When I closed the trunk, a burgundy colored mini-van stopped right behind the car and scared me a bit. I turned to ask my friends "What the crazy guy was doing? Chris, my friend that was driving us home told me that they knew about me looking all over the internet on sites for diaper fetishes and things of that nature.

I was so shocked and scared to hear that he knew, and thought it was a very weird time for him to bring this up. However, before I could give him an explanation, he said, "Enjoy your winter break, you'll be back the day before school starts! Periwinkle blue was the color of the ceiling I saw when I awoke. I felt very groggy and as I came to, I noticed I was looking at that celing from a locked, adult-sized crib.

Both of my wrists and ankles were strapped to the corners, I had a pacifier tied into my mouth, I was wearing pink footy pajamas that scared me to death because they fit me and had a tinker bell picture on it. This was so much to take at the moment and I was wondering what was going on. Then, I noticed something that almost gave me a heart attack.

I was wearing a diaper sized for me and it was soaking wet with pee! I am a 17 year-old guy who peed his pants! I mean yes, I had looked at those websites Chris mentioned, but only out of curiosity, I was not interested after that at all. I started to freak-out, struggling to get free of the straps, but to no avail. The one thing I had succeeded in was making enough noise to cause my kidnappers to enter the room. The man and woman walked over to the proverbial cage and the woman said, "Hello there little Madeline, your friends have given us a good deal of money in exchange for taking very good care of you this winter break.

I am your mommy Susan, this is your daddy Charlie, and you will be our darling baby for the next week and a half.

My Story - Paralyzed to Independence

As much as you might not want be here, you simply have no choice, although you will be returned to your normal life when the time is up. Why was she calling me Madeline when my name was Matt. She obviously wanted me to be her baby girl judging by the clothes. I felt like I was going to pass out from hearing what she had said.

She then noticed that I had indeed wet my pants and said that a wet diaper was not going to be on my for long. She whispered something in Charlie's ear, he walked out of the room, and returned with a needle.

I tried to scream, but my gag-pacifier wouldn't allow it. He reached in through the bars as I struggled all I could, and stuck it into my thigh. In no more than 15 seconds I was completely paralyzed and told that I would be given my first diaper change from mommy. A muscle relaxer had been injected into me. Charlie then unlocked the cage, removed my restraints, and carried me over to the changing table, big enough for a teenager like me. I couldn't move as she wiped me clean with a wipe, covered my whole private area in baby powder, and then duct taped a new diaper back around my waist.

The embarrassing pink tinker bell onsie was then pulled back over my arms, zipped up, and locked with a very small Master lock to a strap on the back neck line. Charlie came back upstairs, noticed that the relaxer was almost exhausted and asked Susan if it was time for me to have some dinner before it did.

It was after all night time when I woke up but I wasn't eating anything strangers were serving me. I was carried down into the kitchen and too could feel the relaxer loosing some power.After the trailers for Me Before You started airing on TV, some disability rights activists began to speak out in protest. One of the many problems people have pointed out about the film is that the main character Will, who became a quadriplegic after a motorcycle accident, assumes that having a fulfilling sex life is not possible for someone with his type of physical disability.

It's a very common misconception, Mitchell Tepper, Ph. But while feeling sexual pleasure again after a spinal cord injury isn't easy, and for some takes years or decadesit is indeed possible for many quadriplegics. Tepper speaks from a place of both clinical and personal experience—he broke his neck over 30 years ago and has since been paralyzed from the neck down though he still has some sensation, and is considered an "incomplete quad".

For many people who become paralyzed, the first attempt at sex again is masturbation in the hospital, Tepper says. After trying and realizing you can't experience pleasure or orgasmit's easy to conclude that sex is pointless. This doesn't have to be the reality, though.

Many quadriplegic men, with all different types of injuries, have reflex erections when the penis is touched. For those who don't have them, Tepper says medications like Viagra usually work pretty well.

Ejaculation usually is possible with mechanical assistance, like a vibrator, though "not many will [ejaculate] inside a vagina," Tepper says. There are some medical risks associated with ejaculating, such as heart palpitations, and some men get strong headaches.

quadriplegic deviantart story

For women, physiological changes like lubrication and clitoral engorgement are usually directly affected by an injury, Tepper says. Using lubethough, can make the act of sex possible. Whether or not there is pleasure associated with it, stimulation of the elusive G-spot may actually help reduce pain. He adds that some studies suggest it can reduce spasticity for hours in quadriplegic women. But orgasm for quadriplegics, and even quadriplegic women, is possible.

Orgasm does not. An orgasm, though, may not be what you think of as a traditional orgasm. That's where being open-minded is key.

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